OERs and Citation Instruction

Open Education Resources (OERs) are surging in popularity – and for good reason. Free resources help students and educators alike, keeping costs down and creating a community oriented around shared ideas.

These resources vary in many ways, the most prominent of which is the variety we see in instructional focus.

Some OERs have a distinct process orientation, providing information and strategies to help students move through the writing process from brain storming to revision. Writing for Success is a good example of this kind of OER. It’s presented in the form of a textbook with chapters that progress through the phases of the writing process.

Other OERs and similar publications, like Philo Culturo, offer more of an a la carte approach, focusing on distinct elements of academic writing and inviting students to engage with composition as a practice with specific conventions, audience expectations, and aims.

In keeping with this focus, Philo Culturo has a whole section dedicated to one of the more technical elements of academic composition – how to create citations.

For many instructors scouring the web for OERs that offer clear and substantive materials on citation style, this should come as welcome news.

Sample Citations

A Few Plug-&-Play Citation Templates

Do’s and Don’ts of Citing in MLA

Some Tips for Special Citation Situations

Direct Quotations & Paraphrased Citations

Common Citation Mistakes

The Three Parts of a Successful In-Text Citation

Block Quotations

Setting Up & Punctuating In-Text Citations

More from Philo Culturo

Philo Culturo Free Texts

Analyzing Literature

Analyzing Pop Culture

Essay Writing Tips

How to Create Citations in MLA

Critical Concepts & Critical Theory

Instructor Resources


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