Composition Basics – Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Essays


For a variety of reasons, some students at every education level come into the classroom with a very fuzzy picture of academic essays. Conversations on composition basics are essential and it’s helpful to have a text of some kind to anchor those conversations.

This resource is designed to be that text – as a handout or used on the classroom projector – and it’s straight-forward content looks to provide a clear sense of what each section of an academic essay is supposed to do.

Looking at the Introduction, Body Section, Conclusion and Works Cited page, the resource offers:

  • Questions each section of an essay should answer
  • A list of Do’s and Don’ts for each part of the essay
  • Selected analogies to help students understand the purpose of the section
  • Selected samples to make these guidelines concrete

“Composition Basics” is a simple document and it is presented here as a Word document – easy for printing in its current form but also easy to adjust as needed to break it into separate handouts or add it to existing classroom content.

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