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Find instructional resources to help your students grow as readers and writers. And download the resources that will make your teaching life just a little bit easier too.

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” – Critical Ideas

Integrating Quotations – Overview

MLA In-Text Citation Overview & Exercises

Instructor Resources @ Philo Culturo

Philo Culturo is a site for students AND for teachers. Our small team of experienced English teachers have prepared a menu of resources to help instructors take advantage of Philo Culturo‘s free online texts and critical essays for classroom use.

The downloadable resources here cover a broad swath of instructional areas from literary analysis to citation style to reading check quizzes. Most are crafted to be easily shareable (and printable) for use in the classroom.

Make your job easier. And help your students at the same time. That’s what we’re here for.

Explore our growing catalogue of instructional resources for the high school and early college classroom.

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Critical Thinking & More

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Philo Culturo Free Texts

Analyzing Literature

Analyzing Pop Culture

Essay Writing Tips

How to Create Citations in MLA

Critical Concepts & Critical Theory

Instructor Resources

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