Critical Thinking Worksheets

30 Critical Thinking Exercises – 10 Minutes Each

Critical Thinking Worksheets

On Bloom’s Taxonomy, these mixed exercises are each designed to help students practice the top three levels of thinking: Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.

While sometimes activities that require such elevated levels of thinking are intricate and/or time consuming, the activities provided here require only about ten minutes each. And they are varied and challenging enough to repeat.

Use them as warm-up exercises, as group work, as supplements to other in-class activities, or as conversation starters.

Critical Thinking: Conceptual Thinking

In these six exercises, students are tasked with explaining how a specific concept is present in a provided complex situation.

  • Students are provided with the description of a complex situation.
  • Students are provided with a set of statements each suggesting a specific concept relating to the situation.
  • Students then choose one statement and in a response of roughly one paragraph they explain how this concept relates to the provided situation.

Critical Thinking: Explications

This set of nine explication exercises offers an easy and direct way to practice critical thinking skills by asking students to rephrase a short quotation and generate an original example to clarify their interpretation.

  • Students are presented with a short list of quotations, common sayings, or aphorisms.
  • Students select one quotation or aphorism and re-phrase the main idea in their own words.
  • Students then provide a brief example to illustrate their interpretation of the quotation/aphorism.

Critical Thinking: Abstract Thinking

For these fifteen exercises, students are provided with an open-ended question and asked to compose a concrete response. This leads students to think abstractly but also to think practically.

  • Students are presented with a question.
  • Students are asked to compose a direct answer to the question.
  • Students are asked to provide an example to illustrate their response.

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