Fables & Folklore – Critical Thinking & Analysis Practice (Texts Included)

Fables and folklore are two of the most familiar areas of literature for many of our students. Many of us grow up hearing the tales of the Brothers Grimm, either through Disney’s film versions of the stories or through story-books given to us as kids.

This resource invites students to return to these tales and apply a critical eye. The two activities included here involve compare-contrast and drawing connections tasks that specifically support the growth of critical thinking skills.

One activity asks students to read some of Aesop’s Fables then identify a contemporary text (a book, movie or television show) that presents the same moral idea. It may sound simple, but the intellectual work required to complete this task involves abstract/conceptual thinking and synthesis, which makes any proponent of Bloom’s Taxonomy very happy.


  • Instructional overview of fables as a literary genre
  • Instructional overview of folk tales as a literary genre
  • Critical Thinking & Analysis Activity on Fables
  • Critical Thinking & Writing Activity on Fables & Folklore
  • A collection of 9 Fables & 9 Folk Tales (with links to larger online collections at Project Gutenberg)
    • Hansel & Gretel
    • Little Red Riding Hood
    • The Wolf and the Sheep
    • & more!

The activities included with this resource exercise critical thinking skills by asking students to assess theme, think abstractly, and draw connections.

Printable or Electronically Shareable

The material is presented here as a Word Document so that you can choose to separate the fables and folk tales from the two assignments, print the activity pages, and create a separate electronically shareable for your students (if preferred).

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