Integrating Quotations Worksheets

Three Worksheets Helping Students Understand and Practice Integrating Quotations

This resource contains three worksheets that each look to help students wrap their heads around one of the most important elements of using research in their writing.

Integrating quotations can be challenging, but the first step is clear. Students need to know that simply dropping a quote into their essay is not enough. They need to knit that quotation into the flow of their own writing.

If you’ve had this conversation (again and again) and you are looking for a tool to help explain exactly what you mean, this resource may be that tool. At the very least, this set of worksheets will provide students with a clear sense of the why’s and the how’s of integrating quotations.

Use these worksheets to reinforce instruction, as supplementary assignments for struggling writers, or as a set of examples for yourself as to how to talk about and teach quotation integration.

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