MLA In-Text Citation Worksheets

We can talk every day about citation style and still see students struggle to work out how to create correct MLA citations. Practice is essential, regardless of how many samples we share with students.

This resource provides 8 worksheets to help students practice the skills of creating in-text citations in MLA.

With worksheets dealing with signal phrases, selecting material to cite, direct quotations and paraphrased citations, these exercises offer an opportunity for student practice while also providing an easy way to provide quick feedback on citation style.

Each exercise is fairly brief, which means that this material is nice for plugging into a ten-to-twenty minute section of class time.

In my classroom, I print out one class set of these worksheets and slip them into protective sleeves to save paper and avoid the need to have students cramming quotes into the provided blanks, but these worksheets can certainly be used as straight-forward handouts for classwork or homework.


1. Generating Signal Phrases

2. Selecting Material to Cite

3. Creating Direct Quotations

4. Creating Paraphrased Citations

5. Correcting Citations: Punctuation

6. Correcting Citations: Correct or Incorrect?

7. Creating In-Text Citations

8. Practicing Each Element: Generating Signal Phrases, Selecting Material to Cite, Creating Direct Quotations

· Correcting Citations: Punctuation ANSWER KEY

· Correcting Citations: Correct or Incorrect? ANSWER KEY

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