Simple Fiction Analysis Worksheet


A simple fiction analysis worksheet for use with any work of fiction, this resource addresses four main areas of literary analysis:

  • Plot
  • Character
  • Literary Devices & Literary Elements
  • Theme

This printable worksheet is especially useful because it’s simple.

It can be used for fiction of any length though it’s ideal for short stories and plays (where the plot is not too dense or intricate). And it can be used again and again over the course of a school year.

Provide it to students after reading a short story, play or a novel and let them apply their knowledge of character analysis, literary terms, and literary analysis.

As an activity, the worksheet can be (1) assigned as homework, (2) used as the basis for group work in class, or (3) attached to a summer reading assignment as a way to focus student reading (and generate some brief, concrete content to build from later).

You can collect the worksheet for a grade if you want or let students use the worksheet to develop their ideas on a text prior to writing an essay or sitting for an exam on the text.

An additional benefit of this simple worksheet is that the structure of the worksheet mirrors the literary analysis process, moving from comprehension and summary to analysis. When talking with students about the worksheet, instructors can emphasize the idea that the steps of the worksheet are the same steps that they should follow when generating ideas and content for literary analysis essays.

And that is the outcome of filling out the worksheet. When students have completed this fiction analysis worksheet, they can take the material and use it as the content of a brief literary analysis essay.

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