The Basics of Microsoft Word


Our students all know their way around a smartphone, but they don’t all know how to use programs like Word, which is an essential program for the educational process.

This shareable and printable handout provides an overview of the basics of Microsoft Word. It’s a brief document, so there is no content relating to inserting graphs and tables, but this resource is very helpful as a “crib sheet” for students who are trying to solve the basic problems of double-spacing an essay and creating a running header.

The solutions to those problems are solved here in a step-by-step way so that students will know not only what the essay should look like but also where to find the “font” and “paragraph” settings in within the Word program.


Getting into Word 

  1. Finding Word on your computer
  2. Downloading Word if you don’t already have it (and where to find it for free)

Basic Settings for MLA & APA

  • Font Settings
  • Line Spacing & Paragraph Spacing
  • Creating a Running Header with Last Name & Page Number

Saving & Tips for Staying Organized 

Hot Keys/Keyboard Shortcuts

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