THE PIANO LESSON by August Wilson – Test


A test for August Wilson’s play, The Piano Lesson.


  • 20 Multiple-Choice Questions
  • 5 Character & Dialogue Matching Questions
  • 4 Short Answer Questions
  • Answer Key for All Sections (Including Suggested Short Answer Content)
  • Optional Simplified Scoring Rubric for Short Answer Section

This test is a flexible assessment. Used together the components are a concise comprehensive test on August Wilson’s play. The assessment components can also be used separately.

The multiple-choice and character/dialogue matching sections are presented together (on a two-sided page). The short answer section is on its own two-sided page, which means that instructors can use the multiple-choice and matching sections as a separate quiz for students then use the short answer section a a final exam.

The optional scoring rubric is intended to help bring clarity/transparency and speed to the grading process and can be copied and shared with students.

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