THE SUN ALSO RISES Study Materials


Offer your students some helpful background before they jump into Hemingway’s subtle and craftily sophisticated novel, The Sun Also Rises.

A little help can go a long way to make this novel teachable and to open up the book to student interpretations based on some knowledge of Hemingway’s background and the historical context in which the novel was written.

This study guide on Ernest Hemingway’s debut novel offers notes on the author’s background, on the modernist period, and on ways to interpret and understand the novel.

Also included: A brief essay focused on pointing out some ways to write about the novel’s symbolism and style, which is bound to help transform the reading experience from passive to active as students move past the soap opera elements of the novel and into a critical awareness of Hemingway’s writing tactics.

Discussion questions and essay prompts are also included.

NOTE: This resource is optimized for digital display and designed to be shared electronically with students via projector, as a linked document on a course page or as an emailed “handout” document.

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