THE TIME MACHINE (H.G. Wells) – Quiz


A multiple-choice quiz for The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

This resource is a 15 question reading review and concepts check for the classic novel by H.G. Wells.

A book about economic oppression dressed in the clothes of science-fiction/fantasy, Wells’ The Time Machine is well-suited to English classes with young readers in high school and college students practicing literary analysis. The novel is fun and strange, but at its heart the book is making a serious social-political commentary.

The Time Machine is a short novel that tackles big ideas. As a text in the classroom, The Time Machine offers a great opportunity to push students past surface readings of literature and engage with those big ideas while also inviting them to participate in imagining possible futures.

Use the quiz as an assessment to make sure students have read the novel carefully or use it as a discussion starter by having students take the quiz in pairs or groups, then have a class discussion about why the correct answers are correct. This can be an effective way to review plot and thematic ideas before taking a deeper dive into analysis of the text.

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